Egyptian Tomb – 3D Hallway


This time around I wanted to make the camera move a great distance but I needed to keep the amount of time spent on the project down to a minimum. In order to create a large model in a small amount of time, I used displacement maps on simple, low-poly models to give the illusion of a more complex geometry. I reused textures and models interchangeably to stretch my art a little further.

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3D Interior Design Kitchen Animation

3D Environment Kitchen – Marc Zirin

When an interior designer is customizing a space to their customer’s needs, only individual pieces can be seen at a time. As the customer approves each element, it is often difficult to visualize how everything will look when tied together. Sometimes an incompatibility is not foreseen until it is too late. That is where a 3D artist comes into play. Before spending the big money and time on supplies and construction, the customer will be given a chance to walk through a virtual representation of…

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Clock Tower Interior Animation

Clock Tower Modeled by Marc Zirin

Life has been brought into the clock tower. Each gear of the clock movement mechanism has been animated to make the clock a working beauty. The animation went very smoothly since everything was set up neat and clean. The rendering took four days across two computers. Compositing took one full day.   The clock tower can be viewed on either Youtube or HQ Download (68mb).

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Mountain Castle – Almost Final Render

3d Render1 Composite

This week has been just a bunch of final touches to the scene. There are still a few things that need to be cleaned up but this is my first final render. What I did for the scene this week was setup the camera path guide for my animated render. I also created and organized the render layers so I can easily composite my scene. I color corrected the fog and fixed other small tweaks.

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Sewer – Complete

3d Sewer – Modeled by Marc Zirin

Lighting and texturing is finished. I’m just tweaking the lights as I see the change. I’ve been working on the water effects in the Sewer. I have the main water down and mostly the water spout and leaking pipes. I animated a few scurrying rats and cockroaches. I feel they will really add to the scene.   Here is the render of my Sewer:

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Boiler Room – Complete

3d Boiler Room

I worked very hard for a long time and every second of it has paid off. I learned many new techniques to work more efficiently and problem solving many issues in my work flow, so they never occur again. After all of this valuable experience, I have an awesome render and demo video. All that’s left now, is to take what I have learned on this project and apply it to my next one.   Here is the render of my Boiler Room:

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