Egyptian Tomb – 3D Hallway


Egyptian Tomb 3D Environment By Marc ZirinThis time around I wanted to make the camera move a great distance but I needed to keep the amount of time spent on the project down to a minimum. In order to create a large model in a small amount of time, I used displacement maps on simple, low-poly models to give the illusion of a more complex geometry. I reused textures and models interchangeably to stretch my art a little further.

The fun part was designing the layout. Keeping the models simple allowed me to have a fairly large library of different walls, floors, ceilings, and columns to mix and match the layout. Navigating the corridors, the viewer of the animation would feel lost and disoirntented as the camera chooses a path from the forks in the rode. My vision was that the main character was running away from something. The use of a green screen would allow for the easy insertion of layered footage. If I had access to a green screen studio, I would jump on the opportunity to film this scene. I would then have enough footage to create a theatrical trailer.


Egyptian Tomb 3D Environment By Marc Zirin

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Egyptian Tomb 3D Environment By Marc Zirin


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