Blackreach Update 2.0

It’s finally here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A complete castle staff with extensive AI. This is a Major Update with many changes that improve this plugin. It’s highly recommended you update to the newest version. I will continue to add more people and AI packages to everyone. Once I feel I’m fully immersed into the environment, I’ll start creating Quests and Objectives.   Download

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Blackreach Update 1.1

Skyrim Update Image

After turning my mod inside out more times than I wish to remember, I found the bug, which was a memory leak, and a workaround fix has been implemented.  I added a door between the Main Hall and the Private Quarters.  I won’t go into detail, but that solves that issue.  Because of this, you now have access to the Balcony & Bedroom   Warning!!! Read Before Updating!!    In order to fix the bug, I had to split up a cell into two.  If…

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