Semester Reflection

3d Sewer – Modeled by Marc Zirin

This semester has been a learning experience for me; More personal learning than anything. Before this semester I was a decent modeler, but with a combination of this class and my internship at Catalina games, I became a superior modeler.


My internship had me focused on environmental modeling and I would receive a new architecture concept, that needed to be modeled, each week. By creating a vast variety of buildings and objects, I became very fast and efficient at creating strange folds and complex shapes.


What I Learned

This 445 class has given me the time to learn on my own. During that time, I bettered my skills in manually lighting a scene, different types of particle effects, compositing, and just proper order of operations of the work pipeline. Doing things in order, saves time.


Lights are extremely important for setting the mood in a environment. Manually placing lights allows for complete control. My scenes on average have between 15-25 lights. I tried particle effects and fluid effects. I used fluid effects for the main water on the bottom and particle effects for the dripping pipes & the water spout spilling into the main water. I also used adobe after effects for the first time. I used it only for compositing, which was quite easy to learn.


Winter Break

Plan to Model:

  • Mad Scientist Lab
  • Foundry
  • Clock Tower
  • Control Panel


New Website Portfolio:

  • Giant 1 Page
  • Each Section is a Modeled Scene
  • Elevator Door with Open & Close Animation
  • Opens and Closes for Each Link on the Page




Boiler Room


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