Skyrim VR Player Home in Blackreach

Skyrim Player Home Mods – Fortress in Blackreach

Welcome! You’re looking for some lore-friendly virtual real-estate in Blackreach Skyrim player home mods. Luckily for you, an underground castle is available in Blackreach with all the essentials. Now your thinking, thats a dangerous place for a home. Don’t worry, plenty of defenses have been put in to keep the creatures of Blackreach out of your home. The castle has an intricate layout & is beautifully constructed. Everything is lore-friendly. You may Download the Mod file from Skyrim Nexus or from the Steam Workshop.


Fortress in Blackreach Skyrim

by: Marc29



[ Skyrim Nexus – Download ] [ Steam Workshop – Download ]


  • Digital Paintings
Fortress in Blackreach Gallery

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NPC Castle Staff

  • 24 NPC’s with over 60 Unique AI Packages
    • 14 Guards
    • 5 Miners
    • 2 Blacksmiths
    • 3 Other


  • Main
    • Main Throne Room
    • Huge Entrance with Many Booby-Traps
    • Balcony + Lookout
    • Master Bedroom
  • Essentials
    • Storage Room *
    • Enchanting Room
    • Alchemy Room
    • Forge & Battlements
    • Library Tower
    • Bedrooms for Followers
  • Misc.
    • War Room & Barracks
    • Abandoned Mines
    • Dining Room
    • ‘Chill Rooms’
    • Boiler Room

* Storage for Every Type – Categorized for everyones needs


Usage – Where is Blackreach Skyrim?

There is no quest that grants you keys to the front door; You need to find its secrets and force your way in. There are two main routes inside, with a few lesser known routes in too. You can gain access by either finding the entrance in Blackreach or use the service lift by fast travel. The fast travel is on the map already labeled ‘Lift to Zaborski’s House’ near Fort Dunstad Central North.


Main Hazardous Entrance

The entrance is located in Blackreach Skyrim, by the Farm Overseer’s House. Not all levers and doors lead in. Be careful, only the previous resident knows which buttons to push and which are traps.

Secret Safe Entrance

This is the long scenic route and is designed to get you lost if you aren’t paying attention. A giant castle isn’t easily taken. Once you are in, head right and navigate through the mines. Use the door that’s near all the silver ore. In this room there are 3 locked Dwarven doors. The right door has a lever that opens up a secret staircase. To unlock the right door, use the lever behind the middle door. The staircase will lead you to the boiler room. Navigate through the boiler room until your in the main entrance to the fortress.



Skyrim Nexus – Download
Steam Workshop – Download