Music Albums


Sound at the fundamental level, are pressure wave changes from an object moving in some way. Then as that sound interacts with its environment, it travels through a medium eventually finding its way to the observer.

Sound is all around us. It can be structured and organized, such as music or a spoken language; Or it can be an obscure noise from a strange object moving in a weird way. With the beauty of today’s technology, all aspects can be digitally controlled and manipulated to emphasize some of the most subtle occurrences.

I’ve been on a journey to find unique sounds. Instruments that aren’t common. Noises that are difficult to reproduce.

WIZZYT – 2021

HzdB -2018

Boom Box Beats – 2015

Boom box beats like to hang around the 80-160hz zone. These beats like to bounce and like to swing. In college, my friends liked to rap battle and were looking for fresh underground beats no one has heard before.

These tracks were made fast. Each sound inspired another song and before I was finished with the last beat, I was already starting two more. At this time I was focused on chord progressions and how complex I can make them. I was fascinated by how two chords could be tied together with a secondary chord.

Retro Gamer – 2014

Video game music uses a variety of interesting chord progressions to illustrate a story. Strange chord changes are used to characterize moments in the game. The correct sound can foreshadow the player into a mindset that puts them directly into the center of the action. Most of these amazing chord changes become lost to time as the game ages into the decades, but I have brought them back!

Some songs were designed for the true original sound in mind while some songs were reimagined for modern times utilizing old chord progressions. Some songs were meant to capture the journey during great moments in video game history.

Sketchy Business Soundtrack – 2014

Sketchy Business was the first video game Marc Zirin composed for. The video game has five worlds each containing three levels. Each level has its own unique music to bring the artwork to life. The requirements were that each track can be no longer than thirty seconds and must repeat seamlessly. During the compiling of the game, the sound and graphics were significantly downsampled to fit within the constraints of mobile gaming at the time. The original video game music playlist in high quality remains free for listen and download for personal enjoyment.

Dark Mystics – 2012

Dark twisted magic acted as fuel to power each and every note played. Each composition carrying a little bit of that darkness like stored energy. And when resonated, seeps out and radiates some of that evil sludge back into the world like an ‘element in decay’.

Each track was designed to invoke a specific emotion or feeling. Each tonal note strategically placed and some detuned to make them orbit each other. Chords converted from sound waves into color waves, applied color theory rules, then converted back to have music theory rules applied.