Boiler Room – Complete

3d Boiler Room

I worked very hard for a long time and every second of it has paid off. I learned many new techniques to work more efficiently and problem solving many issues in my work flow, so they never occur again. After all of this valuable experience, I have an awesome render and demo video. All that’s left now, is to take what I have learned on this project and apply it to my next one.


Here is the render of my Boiler Room:


Boiler Room

Boiler Room Wireframe
Click to Enlarge

Watch on Youtube the Animated Demo Reel of the Boiler Room
Download HQ – High Quality Animated Demo Reel of the Boiler Room



Boiler Room

  • 9/4Start
  • 9/18Modeling
  • 10/2UVing & Texturing
  • 10/18Due


  • 10/23Start
  • 11/6Modeling
  • 11/27UVing & Texturing
  • 12/13Due

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