About Me

Marc Zirin


Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m Marc Zirin and I am proud to share with you some of my greatest passions.


Musical Score Composer

When I was nine years old, I started playing instruments and writing music. A few of my favorite instruments today are: piano, guitar, viola, accordion, and custom programmed synthesizer pads. The music theory connections inter-webbed across various instruments is incredible and adding each new instrument to my understanding paves new unexpected tunnels through the musical landscape. Picking up on the subtle emotional cues from certain sound frequencies makes me giggle in satisfaction.

I prefer chord theory over sheet music. Sheet music tells you exactly what to play, while chord theory illuminates various pathways of acceptable routes. Its up to the musician to interpret the music in their own unique style. I feel that it gives more freedom to create something fresh, new, and original every time. The technical aspect of music composing is now a subconscious reflex that has allowed me to focus my attention on the development of the object’s personality that I’m looking to pronounce.

When I first started composing, I went by the name JeFF ZaBorski but later changed it to Marc Zirin’s 4ZYT to be less confusing. People started to actually believe that there was a whole other person making this music. That can get messy when too many people think a ghost is a real person. Theres an Al Pacino movie about that.


3D Metaverse Artist

As a 3D artist, I model, texture, light, animate, render, and composite complex 3D scenes from start to finish. My Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Graphics has given me the structure and digital organization that is critical for the stability of sophisticated projects.
The most remarkable work tells a story; further blurring the line between what’s real and what’s virtual. It’s the subtle details that breaths life into unique environments, characters, and objects. Every location has a unique story to tell because every minuscule detail has been influenced by the ever-changing weather, age, and decay of the environment. No place was born yesterday, so the materials and substances that create it must be influenced by its history and existence.
3D Art is time consuming and results don’t happen quick enough. I’m working on some neat interactive VR experiences but technology needs to catch up before I can move forward. Time is the most valuable resource and 3D Art doesn’t efficiently utilize it ..yet.


Web Design

For any project to achieve the exposure it deserves, reaching a global audience through brand marketing with targeted advertising becomes an important step. When I was fourteen, I programmed my first complete website using HTML and CSS. I had created an online bulletin board forum for my friends and I to keep in close communication and discuss important topics. Over the years I’ve expanded on the uses and purposes of what a website can be used for.



Its important to schedule some time where technology is put away and nature is taken in. I believe that a healthy work/recreation balance is essential; thus, when I’m not working on my computers, you may find me at the local park with a musical instrument, or riding my bicycle through the woods for a good workout and well needed recharge. I enjoy rock climbing for fun challenges that test endurance and exercise muscles that I didn’t even know I had. To strengthen the mind, I enjoy playing chess or a few rounds of Magic The Gathering at my local tournament hall.


Perfected Cooking

One of my side passions is cooking a good meal for a large amount of people. I watched my mother cook dinner as I grew up and I learned the tricks and secrets on how to turn ingredients into edible art. The true secret to superior food is precise attention to detail while using only quality ingredients. You only get out what you put in!


Memorable Dishes

Some of my most memorable dishes in no specific order, are a ten hour homemade tomato sauce recipe inspired from the movie, Godfather. An eight hour hickory smoked salmon, glazed with maple syrup. Sourdough artisan bread that took weeks to properly culture. Lasagna made from homemade noodles with homegrown tomato and Italian herbs. Check out my Recipes & Cooking Blog for how to make some of my favorites.


The world is full of undiscovered gold just waiting to be found. Pursuing your dreams leads to riches, but the true reward is the journey turning over every rock. Its the unique experiences that we remember and treasure the most. Remembering to smell the roses and hear the birds sing. Most roadblocks are created from ourselves and our limitations manifested from our own imagination. Thus, If we can dream it, we can achieve it!
Our world is governed by rules, cause and effect. By analyzing the effect, a possible cause can be identified. Infinite regression is observing the desired effect with such great detail that it’s possible to see what caused the cause that lead to the effect. My middle school had a phrase used everywhere, “The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow.” It’s obvious what message they were trying to send but I took it a little differently. I started working backwards. I dreamed the perfect tomorrow for myself and then thought hard of all the prerequisites needed to support this universe. I then imagined what universe would need to exist in order for me to reach those prerequisites and then the prerequisites needed to reach those. I kept working backwards, effect is caused by effect is caused by, until I reached to where I am today. Sure goals have changed over the years and some ‘pre-paved’ pathways lead to dead ends by the time I reached them but there has always been a neighboring path that puts my trajectory back on course. My father trained me to be observant and think logically for higher levels of analytical thinking. Sometimes it feels as if the future is predicable. I know I’m going to reach my goals because statistically there’s very few universes where I don’t.