Egyptian Tomb – 3D Hallway


This time around I wanted to make the camera move a great distance but I needed to keep the amount of time spent on the project down to a minimum. In order to create a large model in a small amount of time, I used displacement maps on simple, low-poly models to give the illusion of a more complex geometry. I reused textures and models interchangeably to stretch my art a little further.

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Cathedral Lighting Complete – Final Renders

3D Building Cathedral by: Marc Zirin

The Cathedral lighting is complete with the final renders below. Lights have been added to the scene to simulate a bright 3pm sun. Most of my projects have either been at night time or during sunset. I wanted to mix things up and add some variety to my portfolio, so I made the cathedral a normal town building during the day.   Since lights are very easy to set up, I’m going to work on a nighttime version of the cathedral next. The stained glass…

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Cathedral Textures Complete

3D Cathedral Progress – Textures – no bump map

Another milestone has been completed for the cathedral. All pieces of the building have been unwrapped and now have textures applied to them. I wanted the stained glass to pop since that is what people associate cathedrals with and to minimize the amount of glass textures repeated. To maximize graphical performance, I was careful not to go overboard with the stained glass textures and to only repeat what was necessary to look good without becoming repetitious. The scene contains a few different brick types, roof…

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Clock Tower Interior – Textures Complete

3D Clock-tower Progress

The Clock Tower texturing is now finished. I only had to create five materials and most of the objects where simple to unwrap. The materials I used were: a grungy semi-rusted bronze, semi-rusted metal, cement, black rod iron, and glass. I’m going to start lighting the scene and prepping the render layers for compositing and post processing.

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Mountain Castle – Final Tweaks

Castle Retex

I retextured the castle and finished all the small objects in the scene including the bridge and door frame. I also did many experiments to see how I’m going to composite this with the many different layers. Once the clouds move at the right speed and the fog looks just right, I’ll start rendering a trailer with composed music to fit the mood of the scene.

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