Marc J. Zirin


Career Summary


Results-oriented professional with extensive experience in sales, operations management, and creative leadership roles across diverse industries. Skilled in driving revenue growth, optimizing operational efficiency, and fostering high-performance team environments. Adept at leveraging analytical problem-solving skills and technical expertise to deliver impactful solutions and exceed organizational objectives. Proven track record of success in project management, customer relationship management, and technical proficiency in areas such as sales psychology, audio production, and 3D design. Passionate about driving innovation and contributing to the continued success of a dynamic organization. Committed to continuous learning and professional development, striving to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver excellence in every endeavor.



  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Database Management
  • IT Troubleshooting




Sales Representative

04/2021 – Present

Sherwin-Williams Valspar: Lowes Business Unit

Pueblo, Colorado Springs, United States

  • Spearhead the identification and delivery of compelling value propositions to professional contractors, resulting in enhanced profitability and mutually beneficial growth.
  • Drive exceptional outcomes, notably achieving an 89.3% surge in MVP sales and a remarkable 462.5% expansion in Lowe’s Pro Supply sales within a nine-month timeframe.
  • Surpass predefined targets by an impressive margin of 177.5% of the MVP signup budget, underscoring unwavering commitment and superior performance.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty through persistent engagement and proactive cultivation of client relationships, solidifying the company’s market presence.
  • Play a pivotal role in facilitating communication between esteemed clients and internal stakeholders, fostering enduring one-on-one connections.
  • Foster a positive and vibrant work environment by instilling enthusiasm through dynamic activities such as laughter, singing, and dancing, thereby boosting team morale.
  • Provide comprehensive coaching and training sessions on sales psychology to team members, significantly enhancing overall sales effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Streamline sales objectives and devise achievable goals for key decision-makers, ensuring clarity and alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Maintain the esteemed century-long reputation of product performance through rigorous quality assurance measures and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Actively support Lowe’s operational efficiency by promoting seamless communication and maintaining transparency across all organizational segments.
  • Function as a readily accessible advisor and consultant, adeptly addressing and resolving emerging obstacles with efficiency and agility.


Branch Manager

03/2018 – 04/2021

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Bellevue, United States

  • Spearheaded sales growth initiatives resulting in a 32.6% increase in sales and a 42.6% improvement in sales margin within a twelve-month period.
  • Achieved a notable decrease of 14.7% in controllable expenses while simultaneously increasing controllable contribution by an impressive 533.6%.
  • Successfully elevated profit before tax (PBT) by 156.8% and PBT percent to sales by 13.1%, highlighting exceptional financial management skills.
  • Implemented strategies resulted in a 7.8% increase in cash flow, contributing to the overall financial health of the branch.
  • Enhanced inventory management practices led to a 14.2% increase in inventory turns and a substantial reduction of overstock inventory by 47.7%.
  • Maintained exemplary performance standards, as evidenced by receiving the Zero Point Audit Award for three consecutive years.
  • Demonstrated leadership by recruiting and training new employees and aligning their personal goals with organizational objectives.
  • Cultivated a positive work environment, maximizing employee performance and fostering a culture of success.


Assistant Branch Manager

01/2015 – 03/2018

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Sacramento, Des Moines, Tacoma, United States

  • Supervised branch operations, achieving a 9.6% increase in sales margin and a 10.9% reduction in controllable expenses, enhancing overall financial performance.
  • Implemented coaching initiatives to improve employee performance and introduce new procedures, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Conducted training sessions on utilizing POS systems, cycle counting bin locations, processing customer orders, and batch mixing orders for same-day shipment, ensuring staff competency.
  • Analyzed sales reports to optimize inventory management, leading to a 6.6% increase in inventory turns and improved cost-effectiveness.
  • Evaluated daily customer needs to optimize delivery routes, resulting in an 11.6% decrease in fuel consumption and enhanced logistical efficiency.
  • Enforced company policies and procedures, maintaining consistent high-performance standards and adherence to regulations.
  • Introduced new operational procedures, including establishing a central location for employee instructions, designing custom order forms, and creating task archives to maximize productivity during downtime.


Customer Advisor Specialist, Aquatics Specialist, Sales Expert

10/2013 – 12/2014


Folsom, Chico, United States

  • Managed and maintained all front-end operations, demonstrating versatility in handling various responsibilities, including cash register management, responding to customer service inquiries, and assisting walk-in customers.
  • Established rapport with customers, particularly addressing concerns and providing satisfactory solutions, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Utilized sales expertise to recommend complementary products and services, effectively fostering increased sales and revenue generation.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in animal care by surveying health records to ensure proper care and medication administration, emphasizing a commitment to animal welfare and quality service.


Lead 3D Environment Artist and Object Modeler

09/2012 – 05/2013

Catalina Games


  • Led the creation of high-quality game assets with optimized polygon counts, ensuring exceptional visual fidelity and performance.
  • Transformed 2D concept art images into 3D low-poly game objects using Autodesk Maya, demonstrating proficiency in 3D modeling techniques.
  • Produced a diverse range of buildings, environments, and structures to enrich the game world, showcasing creativity and versatility.
  • Utilized UV layout techniques to unwrap objects and created high-resolution textures using Photoshop and GIMP, enhancing visual appeal and realism.


Lead Audio Director

08/2012 – 05/2013

Chico State Game Studios

Chico, United States

  • Directed all facets of audio development for multiple mobile games, including Sketchy Business, Furiously Fast Racing, and Galactic Enforcer for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Took charge of composing, recording, and mastering all in-game music, ensuring cohesion and an immersive experience throughout each game level.
  • Oversaw task management and scheduling for the entire audio team, optimizing workflow and ensuring timely delivery of audio assets.
  • Collaborated closely with game development directors and concept artist teams to ensure seamless integration of music soundtracks and sound effects with the overall game design and narrative.


Marketing & Website Chair

08/2011 – 01/2013

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

Chico, United States

  • Spearheaded the development and maintenance of the local AEPi Chico Chapter website, ensuring optimal online presence and accessibility.
  • Established an efficient online communication system between the organization’s president and members, facilitating quick and easy information dissemination.
  • Created visually appealing flyers and advertisement brochures using Photoshop and In Design for charity events, contributing to increased event exposure and participation.


Technical Level Designer

08/2012 – 12/2012

Chico State University

Chico, United States

  • Developed paper prototypes and converted them into 3D world spaces using the Shiva 3D game engine, showcasing proficiency in game design and development.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot and resolve specific issues across various departments, demonstrating strong teamwork and problem-solving skills.
  • Designed and implemented AI packages to enhance the lifelike behavior of artificial intelligence elements, contributing to immersive gameplay experiences.



Bachelor of Science: Applied Computer Graphics


California State University

Chico, California, USA


Technical Proficiencies


Sound Engineering & Composition: Expertise in sound-wave engineering, music composition, and musical instrument proficiency, including piano, guitar, viola, and accordion.
3D Design & Development: Proficient in 3D modeling, texture painting, lighting techniques, rendering, compositing, video editing, and mobile optimization.
Software Proficiency: Skilled in a wide range of software applications, including Elder Scrolls Creation Kit, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Mental Ray, Ableton, Logic Pro, Photoshop, GIMP, Salesforce, Excel, and PowerPoint.


References Available Upon Request