Clock Tower Interior Animation

Clock Tower Modeled by Marc Zirin

Life has been brought into the clock tower. Each gear of the clock movement mechanism has been animated to make the clock a working beauty. The animation went very smoothly since everything was set up neat and clean. The rendering took four days across two computers. Compositing took one full day.   The clock tower can be viewed on either Youtube or HQ Download (68mb).

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Clock Tower Interior Complete

3D Clock Tower Modeled by Marc Zirin

Now that the lighting is finished and the scene is tweaked just right, I can begin the final renders. This scene is a five pass render broken up between: diffuse, specular, ambient occlusion, city backdrop, and diffuse with no lights. Each layer is touched up in GIMP and Photoshop before it is composited to one image.   My next move is to animate each gear in the scene to make it a fully working clock tower. Getting it to sync up just right involves some…

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Clock Tower Interior – Textures Complete

3D Clock-tower Progress

The Clock Tower texturing is now finished. I only had to create five materials and most of the objects where simple to unwrap. The materials I used were: a grungy semi-rusted bronze, semi-rusted metal, cement, black rod iron, and glass. I’m going to start lighting the scene and prepping the render layers for compositing and post processing.

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New Project: Clock Tower Interior

3D Clock Tower AO

I have always been fascinated about clocks and the mechanics within them. I own many mechanical watches and have taken apart a few to inspect the tiny gears all working in unison. I have wanted to build my own clock for some time now but I do not have a 3D printer to make it. I thought why not build it in Autodesk Maya and then animate it? This project is about the interior of an ornate old victorian clock tower.

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