Sewer – Complete

3d Sewer – Modeled by Marc Zirin

Lighting and texturing is finished. I’m just tweaking the lights as I see the change. I’ve been working on the water effects in the Sewer. I have the main water down and mostly the water spout and leaking pipes. I animated a few scurrying rats and cockroaches. I feel they will really add to the scene.   Here is the render of my Sewer:

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Sewer – Texture Complete

3d Sewer Texture Complete – Progress 11-29

Texturing is finished and slightly behind by a few days but I’m still on schedule. I’m going to start lighting and if there’s still time, particle effects with the water. So far the concept art I had in my mind before I started, looks exactly like what I currently have now. I’m quite proud of my environmental modeling skills.   Here is a render of where my progress stands:

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Sewer – Modeling

3d Sewer Progress 11-5

My next project is The Sewer. The modeling for this project is mostly finished. There are a few things I want to tweak before finalizing it, but it’s mostly finished. I want to spend a little more time on the water and particle effects. I want to try to get running running throughout the main pipes as well as dripping water from the ceiling. Texturing should be easy and fast, so I’ll have more time to work on the special effects.   Here is a…

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APCG 445 Semester Plan

Boiler Room Concept

I want to center my focus around environmental 3-d modeling. I feel my strengths are in Designing & Modeling, Interior & Exterior, locations.   This semester I plan to make two interiors, a Boiler Room & a Sewer. If I am able to finish these swiftly, I plan to make a third interior, a Mad Scientist Lair. These are going to be in the most greatest detail I can possibly make them. Below is my concept art of the two interiors I intend to do.…

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