Egyptian Tomb – 3D Hallway


This time around I wanted to make the camera move a great distance but I needed to keep the amount of time spent on the project down to a minimum. In order to create a large model in a small amount of time, I used displacement maps on simple, low-poly models to give the illusion of a more complex geometry. I reused textures and models interchangeably to stretch my art a little further.

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Cathedral Turntable with Composed Music

3D Building Cathedral by: Marc Zirin

The cathedral has been put onto a turntable to show off every angle of the building. I composed some music to go along with the scene. Since this is a low poly game model relying mostly on the textures and lights, the rendering went very quickly. I was able to render out the five passes each consisting of 500 images in less than two days. Four of the passes were done in one hour. It was the ambient occlusion that took a full day to…

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Dark King’s Castle

BoomBoX Beats

It’s been while since I’ve released a composition and for good reason too. I’ve been researching how to equalize and master each track to bring out the best of each instruments voice and character.   The Dark King’s Castle is about this fortress covered in cob webs and built fully out of stone. You can hear a ghostly evil pipe organ echoing off the walls coming from deep within the dark pits of the castle. As the song progresses, you navigate through the different rooms…

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