Healthy Recipes

Bruschetta – Healthy Italian Salsa

Healthy Recipes

One of my side passions is being a chef. I watched my mother cook dinner as I grew up and picked up many tips and tricks. Now I occasionally watch the food network channel just to pick up new techniques on how to manipulate the flavor and texture of the ingredients. Every new type of food that I eat, inspires me to cook new dishes. What better way to enjoy food then to experiment with unstable flavors! I believe the secret to superior food is precise slow cooking and using quality ingredients. You only get out what you put in!Bruschetta - Healthy Italian Salsa

Some of my most memorable dishes was the ten hour homemade tomato sauce with a recipe from the Godfather. A slow cooked burger on the grill, marinated in a sweet & spicy BBQ sauce, smoked with mesquite chips, on a garlic bread bun toasted to perfection. And a five hour matzo ball soup made just the way my Bubbe used to make it. Subscribe to my Recipes and Cooking blog to keep updated on my newest tasty meals.


Old Fashioned Healthy Recipes


If you have a suggestion or ingredient challenge for my next healthy recipe, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.