Clock Tower Interior – Textures Complete

3D Clock-tower Progress

The Clock Tower texturing is now finished. I only had to create five materials and most of the objects where simple to unwrap. The materials I used were: a grungy semi-rusted bronze, semi-rusted metal, cement, black rod iron, and glass. I’m going to start lighting the scene and prepping the render layers for compositing and post processing.


Here are a few renders of the textured scene:

Clock-tower Progress

Clock-tower Progress

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One thought on “Clock Tower Interior – Textures Complete

  1. I love the intricacy and detail to your clock. It invokes the feeling of established. To me the old clock just doesn’t look right placed in its environment of a modern city. It feels like it would be forgoten as a small detail among the skyscrapers. Perhaps it should be more austere as the town focal point by which everyone plans their day. Protecting an old city, keeping watch on all its children.
    Just a thought.
    Love your work.

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