Diminished Chord Theory Bands

Diminished Chord Bands

In previous lessons we learned how to play a diminished chord. What defines a diminished, is a minor chord with a flatted fifth. Diminished chords are probably my favorite kind to play because they all carry a special link. The way they are set up creates these diminished bands. When you add a 7th to a diminished chord, you get four equidistant notes. If you play any three of the four notes, you will get a diminished chord of the same caliber. There are only…

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Black Coffee

JeFF ZaBorski Compositions

Black Coffee is finally being released to the public. This song started back in early 2012 but something was missing from it. After coming back to it every now and then, I think it’s now complete. This song features a latin based percussion set with synths and harpsichords. The melody uses a reggae style rhythm throughout the song which was inspired by a jam sesh with my buddy Drew and his acoustic guitar. Enjoy a sip of some Black Coffee!!

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Instrumental: Sideways Hatter

Sideways Hatter Album Artwork

Here is an 1800’s sounding song. The main instruments are guitars and harpsichords with a few modern synths thrown into the mix. This creates a very odd sounding song, which is where the name, Sideways Hatter, came from. I imagine a man in a suit with a top hat and cane, strutting down an olde street with a kink in his neck. Its quite a strange image, but that is what the song says to me.

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