Music Theory – Piano Chords #3

C Minor 9th

Last time we discussed the different kinds of 7th Chords. This time we’re going to talk about a new chord, which just so happens to be my favorite.  It’s called a 9th Chord.  When adding a 9th, you don’t want to use too much.  A 9th has it’s best results when used in small quantities. You can think of a Major 9th as of ‘something being there’ while a Minor 9th as ‘something missing’. That ‘something’ being a sedimental feeling toward something. What kind of sedimental feeling is being dictated by whether its Major or Minor and the chords surrounding it.


Music Theory Lessons

Building a 9th Chord

  • R  2  3  7 – Minor 9th
  • R  2  4  7 – Major 9th

Minor 9th

C Major 9 & C Minor 9When used with a Minor, it has a feeling of uncomfortable & uneasiness.  It makes you want to lose the 9th as soon as possible and turn it back into a regular chord.  This is why it’s best in small quantities.


An example of this chord in use, is a HipHop Instrumental called, Borderline Evil, by JeFF ZaBorski



Major 9th

When used with a Major, it almost gives a feeling of fulfillment. But can sometimes still give that feeling of uncomfortable & uneasiness.



Chord Progression


F – G – A9


It’s almost like the notes in the chord progression stumble upon each other and come to a halt. It gives that sense of fulfillment.

Remember to always practice. Experiment and see what you can find. See ya next week!

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