Instrumental: Borderline Evil

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A new Hip-Hop Instrumental track has just been released by JeFF ZaBorski, called: Borderline Evil


This track was designed to have a sedimental feeling to it.  The chord progression makes the listener start off with a happy feeling; then discomfort, which is suppose to resemble a hardship; followed by release, full of easy-going and content.


Chord Progression

Borderline Evil
Key: D



I   – V –   vi9  –   vi(-5) – V
D – A – bm9 – bm(-5) – A



How to Play It:

Learn the 9th Chord from my Music Theory Blog.


Start off with D Major for 4 & 3/4 beats.  Then quickly play A Major for a 1/4 beat.  Then b Minor 9th Chord for 4 beats. Then play b Minor without playing the 5th for 3/4 beats.  Then A Major for 1/4 beat.


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