Blackreach Update 1.1

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After turning my mod inside out more times than I wish to remember, I found the bug, which was a memory leak, and a workaround fix has been implemented.  I added a door between the Main Hall and the Private Quarters.  I won’t go into detail, but that solves that issue.  Because of this, you now have access to the Balcony & Bedroom


Warning!!! Read Before Updating!! 


In order to fix the bug, I had to split up a cell into two.  If you stored any items in the main storage room, you need to remove them temporarily before updating.  If not, you can still access the old storage room through a small door on the shelf next to the Scrolls & Misc. box.  The link to this old room will be eventually removed in later versions, so move your stuff ASAP.  I deeply apologize for the inconvenience, I try my best to work around you guys but sometimes its unavoidable.


New Additions

  • Balcony
  • Master Bedroom
  • Mannequins Throughout
  • Display Cases Throughout
  • Weapon Racks Throughout – might have a small bug (let me know)
  • Various miscellaneous decorations for visual improvement


Squished Bugs

I also fixed various bugs that were throughout the mod; some including requests from Skyrim Nexus Community.

  • CTD when going on balcony is fixed.
  • Companions, Conjurations, NPC etc. – Can now walk
  • Map markers; small changes
  • Navmesh Cleanup
  • Small changes & tweaks

For full information, go to the Plug-Ins Main Page.

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