Instrumental: Partly Cloudy + Wizard Tower

JeFF Zaborski Compositions

I just finished a great composition for a movie. It’s a two piece composition featuring clouds. The first part, Partly Cloudy, resembles milky, fluffy, clouds parting slightly to let some sun rays seep through, then closing up to repeat over and over again. The second part, Crooked Wizard Tower, also features clouds but these are dark, lurking, storm clouds. It’s about this tall, crooked, wizard tower with the clouds still in stale air.

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Music Theory – Piano Chords #4

C Minor 6th

Last time we learned 9th Chords. Now that we’ve reached lesson #6, we’re going to cover 6th chords. These are very interesting chords because they add some color to your progression. They give your progression something different without pushing it’s limits and keeping a stable chord. These are great and create very diverse tones depending on it’s surrounding chords. I’m starting to use them a lot in my music. Let’s start building our chords!

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Instrumental: Borderline Evil

BoomBoX Beats

A new Hip-Hop Instrumental track has just been released by JeFF ZaBorski, called: Borderline Evil   This track was designed to have a sedimental feeling to it.  The chord progression makes the listener start off with a happy feeling; then discomfort, which is suppose to resemble a hardship; followed by release, full of easy-going and content.

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Music Theory – Piano Chords #3

C Minor 9th

Last time we discussed the different kinds of 7th Chords. This time we’re going to talk about a new chord, which just so happens to be my favorite.  It’s called a 9th Chord.  When adding a 9th, you don’t want to use too much.  A 9th has it’s best results when used in small quantities. You can think of a Major 9th as of ‘something being there’ while a Minor 9th as ‘something missing’. That ‘something’ being a sedimental feeling toward something. What kind of…

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Blackreach Update 1.1

Skyrim Update Image

After turning my mod inside out more times than I wish to remember, I found the bug, which was a memory leak, and a workaround fix has been implemented.  I added a door between the Main Hall and the Private Quarters.  I won’t go into detail, but that solves that issue.  Because of this, you now have access to the Balcony & Bedroom   Warning!!! Read Before Updating!!    In order to fix the bug, I had to split up a cell into two.  If…

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