APCG 445 Semester Plan

Boiler Room Concept

I want to center my focus around environmental 3-d modeling. I feel my strengths are in Designing & Modeling, Interior & Exterior, locations.


This semester I plan to make two interiors, a Boiler Room & a Sewer. If I am able to finish these swiftly, I plan to make a third interior, a Mad Scientist Lair. These are going to be in the most greatest detail I can possibly make them. Below is my concept art of the two interiors I intend to do. And the third if there’s time. Click the images to enlarge.


1: Boiler Room


2: Sewer


3: Mad Scientist Lair


For these projects, I want to emphasize the usage of grunge. One of my favorite games is “Myst” because they use a lot of rust and grunge textures which really show the decay of the real world. Nothing in this world is perfect. Even a day after being new, everything starts to show decay.


I estimate it to take Six Weeks per an interior:

  • 2 WeeksModeling
  • 2 WeeksUVing & Texturing
  • 1 WeekLighting & Rendering
  • 1 WeekError Margin

The semester is 3 Months long so I plan to accomplish at least 2, optimal, 3.



Boiler Room

  • 9/4Start
  • 9/18Modeling
  • 10/2UVing & Texturing
  • 10/18Due


  • 10/23Start
  • 11/6Modeling
  • 11/27UVing & Texturing
  • 12/13Due

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