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I love playing music on a variety of instruments and teaching my friends subtle patterns in music theory that I notice.  That’s when I realized why not start a blog teaching everything I know about Music Chord Theory.  I’m constantly learning new things each day as I explore the chords and how they interact with each other; so new information will constantly be flowing.  Before I start, let me use this entry to explain my musical background.


I’ve been playing instruments since I was very little.  Like everyone else, I started with the Recorder Flute; not a very exciting instrument.  Shortly after, I picked up the Viola and played that consistently for six years.  I really loved the sound that it produced; more so than the Violin.  As I got older, I started playing Guitar but I wasn’t a huge fan of that; so I shifted my focus toward the Bass Guitar.  Bass sets the foundation of songs, as well as the drums.  I originally started with sheet music, but as my musical knowledge increased and I started to notice many patterns in music, I moved toward Chord Theory.  Thats when I started playing the Piano.


I love chord theory way more than sheet music.  Sheet music tells you exactly what to play, but chord theory tells you the general pathway and its up to the musician to interpret the music in their own style.  I feel that it gives more freedom to explore.


What To Expect…

What I’m going to teach in the upcoming entries, is the tonal relationship between two or more notes.  What creates the mood and feel of a song is what note you played in relation to the note you played before it.  And the note your going to play after it.  It’s quite easy to understand when you break it down to it’s simplest level and analyze it.  All a note is, is a sound frequency.  And some frequencies sound better more so with some than others.  Now your probably thinking, How many notes are there? Aren’t there a lot?  Well what if I told you there were only 12 notes and everything else is a repeat of the original twelve.  Thats right, it doesn’t matter what instrument you play, you just need to understand the twelve notes and you can be off playing ANY style of music.


Music Theory Lessons

That’s all there is for now.  I’ll see you next time as we jump into the music.


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