Sewer – Texture Complete

Sewer Texture Complete – Progress 11-29

Texturing is finished and slightly behind by a few days but I’m still on schedule. I’m going to start lighting and if there’s still time, particle effects with the water. So far the concept art I had in my mind before I started, looks exactly like what I currently have now. I’m quite proud of my environmental modeling skills.   Here is a render of where my progress stands:

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Sewer – Modeling

Sewer Progress 11-5

My next project is The Sewer. The modeling for this project is mostly finished. There are a few things I want to tweak before finalizing it, but it’s mostly finished. I want to spend a little more time on the water and particle effects. I want to try to get running running throughout the main pipes as well as dripping water from the ceiling. Texturing should be easy and fast, so I’ll have more time to work on the special effects.   Here is a…

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Instrumental: Acceptance + Empire Courtyard Compilation

Retro Gamer

This is a two piece compilation. The first half is called, Acceptance. It starts off with the power and might of the higher authority dictatorship. The piece then shows the decay of society and depression from what has happened. Everyone lives their lives in fear and obeys whatever the dictatorship says.   The second half, Empire Courtyard, is the main capitol of this dictatorship. It sounds huge and empty because most of society lives in the slums while the VERY few live in the Empire…

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