New Spray Paint Art – Sunset City

Last time I was unable to paint because my caps were clogged and no solvent I used cleaned them. I soaked them in paint thinner for a week and that did nothing. I then soaked them for a few months and they were mostly clean. When I used them, they blew up. All of the caps exploded.


I realized I needed to buy higher quality paint. I went online to Art Primo and purchased some ‘belton Molotow Premium‘ and a huge bag of paint caps. They have a huge selection of paint colors. The paint cans are low pressure for better detail control and work very well. I also upgraded my respirator because the paints are extremely toxic with a terrible wood glue smell. Obviously they are harmless and don’t smell once they are dry.


Here are my first two paintings with the new spray paint:




Go to the Spray Paint Art Gallery to see more.

Marc Zirin
Fantasy Spray Paint Art

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