Mountain Castle – Update #1

3d Castle on Top of a Mountain – Progress 2-7

I’ve spent the first week modeling out the basic form for my mountain and castle. I made sure that every poly face was as equal as possible to avoid distortion. Now that all of that is done, I’m going to export each model piece as an OBJ, and bring it into Mudbox to start sculpting the fine detail.

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APCG 545 Semester Plan

Castle on top a Mountain

Last semester I modeled two interior environments, the boiler room and the sewer. These were both industrial interiors and I used maya to create them both. Now that I’m really good at modeling architecture, I want to get better with organic models.   This semester I plan to model two organic exteriors using mudbox. My roommate and I are making a video game and this is a perfect opportunity to model some of the main locations and fulfill a school requirement. He’s writing the script…

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