Mountain Castle – Update #2

Mudbox Mountain Entrance – Progress-2-14

Boy was this a busy week. I got really far on the fine detail in Mudbox until I realized I was getting distortion due to an imperfect base model. I had two options, start over or re-topologize & transfer the detail. I didn’t want to start over again, so I re-topologized my original base model. While transferring the detail, I kept encountering ‘skin tags’, or distortion errors. A few ‘skin tags’ are fine because I can just snip them off, but if there are too many, I’m losing too much detail. After many trials and errors, I was able to transfer the detail with minimal errors. Everything is good and I’m still ahead of schedule.


Castle on Top of a Mountain

Mountain Entrance - Progress-2-14



Castle on Top of a Mountain

  • 2/28Mudbox
  • 3/7UVing & Texturing
  • 3/14Lighting & Rendering
  • 4/4Due

5 Minutes to Midnight

  • 4/9Start
  • 4/16Modeling – Maya
  • 5/2Mudbox
  • 5/9UVing & Texturing
  • 5/16Lighting & Rendering
  • 5/20Due

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