Mountain Castle – Update #3

Mudbox Mountain Walkway – Progress-2-21

This week I worked on the walkway for my castle mountain. I sculpted all the detail and put it aside for painting later. I’ve started setting up the final piece that the castle sits on as well as the castle itself.


Castle on Top of a Mountain

Mountain Walkway - Progress-2-21



Castle on Top of a Mountain

  • 2/28Mudbox
  • 3/7UVing & Texturing
  • 3/14Lighting & Rendering
  • 4/4Due

5 Minutes to Midnight

  • 4/9Start
  • 4/16Modeling – Maya
  • 5/2Mudbox
  • 5/9UVing & Texturing
  • 5/16Lighting & Rendering
  • 5/20Due

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