Recipe: Teriyaki Sauce

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki is a sweet & savory sauce commonly used in Asian cooking.  Most teriyaki that you’ve probably had, is processed with unhealthy ingredients from the store or restaurants.  They use those ‘bad’ ingredients because it  appeals to people and it’s cheaper when making in huge bulk.  It’s like McDonalds, people like it and eat it, but is it really that good for you?  Well I’m going to share a ‘from scratch’ teriyaki sauce that I made thats delicious, healthy, and easy with few ingredients.

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Recipe: Old Fashioned Tomato Sauce

Old Fashioned Tomato Sauce

This recipe originated from the movie, The Godfather. During the movie for a brief scene, they explain how they made tomato sauce. That movie is one of the best of all time, so I decided to try the recipe. After making it more than once, I’ve tweaked it a bit to add some more flavor. This recipe is best made in large bulk quantities. Preserve the extra in jars and freeze it. Everything I use is fresh, organic, and healthy.

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