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I love to cook and have for many years. One day I hope to be a part-time chef. While I enjoy cooking, I wouldn’t want to make it my main profession. Currently I work at Round Table Pizza making the food in the kitchen and I love it. My goal is to open my own restaurant with a couple of my close friends, and serve the most highest-quality, best tasting, and nutritious food.


I’ve created dozens of home-made recipes over the years and I’ve decided to start sharing some of them because they are absolutely delicious. In each recipe, I’ll explain the ingredients you’ll need, how to prepare it, substitution options for variation, and a little backing story where it came from.


I don’t know about you, but I love food. And I pack my dishes with lots of flavor; A little too much flavor for some people. So if you feel I’m abusing the garlic, feel free to put in less than what I recommend. But honestly, they’re great the way they are.


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