Blackreach Update 2.1

Skyrim Update Image

READ BEFORE UPDATING!! Make sure your last save point is NOT inside the fortress to avoid being stuck in a wall because some objects will move during the update. All of your objects in containers and display cases will be fine and untouched. This update adds a lot of new content to this mod.



  • Additions
    • Added More Chests, Mannequins, Containers, Etc. Throughout the Fortress
    • Mini-Quest to Get in the Fortress
    • Expanded the Mineshaft
    • 7 New NPC’s to the Fortress Staff
      • 5 Miners
      • 2 Wizards
    • 20 New AI Packages
  • Changes
    • Changed the Entrance Gate
    • Re-arranged All the Rooms for Better Flow Aesthetics
    • Fixed NavMesh Issues in Some Places
    • Guard Levels Adjusted to be Tougher
    • Numerous Bugs Fixed
    • Cleaned Up Unused Objects
    • No More Support for Old Storage Room


If you are still using the old storage room that was removed back in version 1.1, you need to remove your items at once. This update with no longer give support to it. It’s been unused for half a year and it’s going to be cleaned out for optimization. Do not update if you still have items in there; they will be deleted.


For full information, go to the Plug-Ins Main Page.


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