Blackreach Update 2.0

It’s finally here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A complete castle staff with extensive AI. This is a Major Update with many changes that improve this plugin. It’s highly recommended you update to the newest version. I will continue to add more people and AI packages to everyone. Once I feel I’m fully immersed into the environment, I’ll start creating Quests and Objectives.



  • Fully Staffed Fortress with Unique AI
    • 14 New NPCs
    • Over 40 new AI Packages
  • Library Construction Finished
  • Interactive Bookshelves Fully Functional Throughout Fortress
  • Dagger Display Cases Fully Functional Throughout Fortress



  • Added Ownership to Various Objects
  • Fixed Acoustic and Music Data for Each Cell
  • Proper Names for Cells
  • Moved Around Some Furniture for Better Room Flow with NPCs
  • Cleaned Up Unused Objects
  • Support for Old Storage Room will be Removed in Next Update!!!


If you are still using the old storage room that was removed back in version 1.1, you need to remove your items at once. The next update with no longer give support to it. It’s been unused for a few months and it’s going to be cleaned out for optimization.


For full information, go to the Plug-Ins Main Page.

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