Blackreach Update 1.3


New Additions

  • Abandoned Mines
  • Weapon Plaques Throughout Castle
  • Secret Halls – can you find them?
  • Decorations
    • Plaques
    • More Piping
    • Other various miscellaneous decorations

The Library in the Mystic Enchant Room has been closed off temporarily so I can work on it without game conflicts during the next update. If for some reason you saved your game in that very small room, move out then save before updating. If not, use “tcl” console command to get out.


For full information, go to the Plug-Ins Main Page.

2 thoughts on “Blackreach Update 1.3

  1. I hate to say this, but.. This version seems to make my loading time infinite.. and I DID narrow it down to this mod at this version, because version 1.2 works fine in my load order. I have also tried the Steam workshop version, and only found the nexus 1.2 version works.. without the infinite load time.

    1. There’s a new updated version. I’ve optimized the heavy resources that were causing the game to lag and have a low frame rate. Let me know if your still having a problem. Thank You

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