Portfolio Updated

3d Sewer – Modeled by Marc Zirin

These last six months have been very productive. I have worked on many projects and learned quite a bit. With every project I complete, I am able to make my scene more realistic than the last. I work very hard on my scenes and I’m proud of them. My Portfolio is now filled with my most current work.


What I Worked On

Sewer - Modeled by Marc Zirin  

  • 3D Environmental Modeling
  • Visual and Particle Effects
  • Lighting and Mood
  • Environmental Animation


The first scene I modeled was a Boiler Room. I animated the lights and a steam particle effect. Next I modeled a Sewer. I animated the rats, cockroaches, the water dripping from the leaking pipes, water particles from a spout and fluid dynamics. The sewer has a combination of all the types of simulated effects.


While working at Catalina Games, I modeled a wide variety of places and objects. I created almost every type of building you would see in a town. The internship has taught me to create fast and efficient, clean models. Now my models don’t have a single poly face more than they need.


Now that Winter break has come, I have plenty of time to home in on my skills. Most see winter break as a time to be lazy and party, but I see it as finally given the opportunity to take what I’ve learned all semester and make some really great Portfolio pieces. Something that’ll make it pop.


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