Music Theory Lesson – Progressions #1

Chord Progression Chart

Today I’m going to teach you the very basic starting point of Music Chord Theory & Chord Progressions. Don’t worry, it’s easy as cake.  I use a piano to play music and will be teaching my knowledge through it. This Music Theory can be applied to any instrument, but it’s the easiest to visualize on the piano. All you need is a piano, two hands, and a desire to learn.


Piano Numbered 1-7

So as you’ve noticed, the piano has many white & black keys with repeating sections. And if you count them, there are 12 keys in-between each repeat. Thats 7 white keys & 5 black keys.  I call this region The Main Playing Field.  What determines what note you start on, is what key your playing in.  In the picture here, The Main Playing Field starts on C, because we are in the key of Continue reading

Music Theory Blog Intro


I love playing music on a variety of instruments and teaching my friends subtle patterns in music theory that I notice.  That’s when I realized why not start a blog teaching everything I know about Music Chord Theory.  I’m constantly learning new things each day as I explore the chords and how they interact with each other; so new information will constantly be flowing.  Before I start, let me use this entry to explain my musical background.


I’ve been playing instruments since I was very little.  Like everyone else, I started with the Continue reading

A Site is Born

After many hours, the site is near completion.  All of the content is up and all that remains is some styling to spiff everything up.  This first post is more of a test post than anything else.


Let it be known throughout all the land that this site is now up and running!