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Fortress in Blackreach

**This is old. See the mod’s permanent official page.
by: Marc29


Welcome!  If your here, then you’re looking for some lore-friendly virtual real-estate in Skyrim.  Luckily for you, an underground castle is available in Blackreach with all the essentials.  Now your thinking, thats a dangerous place for a home.  Don’t worry, plenty of defenses have been put in to keep the creatures of Blackreach out of your home.  The castle has an interesting layout & is beautifully constructed.  Everything is lore-friendly. You may Download the Mod file from Skyrim Nexus.


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  • Digital Paintings
Fortress in Blackreach Gallery

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  • Main Throne Room
  • Enchanting Room
  • Alchemy Room
  • Forge & Battlements
  • War Room & Barracks
  • Storage Room *
  • Huge Entrance with Many Booby-Traps
  • Dining Room
  • ‘Chill Rooms’
  • Balcony + Lookout **
  • Master Bedroom **
  • Abandoned Mine Shaft **

* Storage for Every Type – Categorized for everyones needs

** It’s done, there’s just a bug that I still can’t fix.  Entrance has been blocked over with pots.


While the mod is not fully finished, it is completed enough that people can start moving in.  The next update will hopefully include working weapons racks, plaques, mannequins, bookshelves, display cases, etc.  My goal is also to fix the CTD when traveling through the door, blocked off for now.  Like I said, the house is move-in ready, it just doesn’t have ALL the decorations up yet.  This is an RPG, role play with me here a bit. lol



Since I havn’t created the main quest on how you obtain the fortress, you will use the back door for now. The fast travel is on the map already labeled ‘Lift to Zaborski’s House’ near Fort Dunstad Central North.



In the Future…

My goal for this mod once the construction is done, is to start AI & Questing.  I plan on making a full staff that patrols and has unique schedules.  I also plan to create quests that have armies trying to break into the main entrance.  You have to use your defense system and castle guards to keep them out.  Don’t worry, your stored items will never be in jeopardy.  I also plan on making an elaborate quest on how you obtain the house in the first place.

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