Boiler Room – Modeling Progress #2

3d Boiler Room Progress 9-19

Here is another update now that the modeling is mostly finished. All that’s left to model is just the room itself and that shouldn’t take too long. All thats really involved is just a door and a few vents. I have already started to UV but didn’t include it in this update because it’s just started. Next update will include renders of the texturing.


Here is a render of where my progress stands:


Boiler Room



Boiler Room

  • 9/4Start
  • 9/18Modeling
  • 10/2UVing & Texturing
  • 10/18Due


  • 10/23Start
  • 11/6Modeling
  • 11/27UVing & Texturing
  • 12/13Due

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