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History of MarcZirin.com

MarcZirin.com wasn’t always this large and pack full of rich content. It started off as a one page website with little to no interest to anyone but myself. As I understood the use for websites, I started writing content that would appeal to a larger audience. This website has grown quite a bit and gone through many changes. Each time the website morphs into something bigger and better, the obsolete version will go to rest here on this page.


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12/13/2012 – Obsolete


2/9/2012 – Obsolete


2011 – Obsolete


4/10/2010 – Obsolete




In Case of Emergency, Use Black Hole

The \’fô-,tän\

— a Mass-less thing

It travels at the speed of itself, light

zips around the Earth 6 times in less than 1 second.


a man gets into a car and the bomb goes off

Before he even had time to finish 1 blink,

The Photons

blast ripped out each cell as the particles collided.

Maybe he shouldn’t have

Drank;          Maybe he shouldn’t have

Lied;           Maybe he shouldn’t have

Slept with the Don’s Daughter.

Maybe he shouldn’t have left

The Photo on

the desk!


Autumn Leaves

Fall, the changing of leaves;
To Red, from green in this chillin’ Season.
October breeze, creeps and sneaks;
as it Trickles between, each Tree’s leaves.


That Orange, Yellow, and Red sight,
without doubt,
SCREAM! Halloween, Pumpkins, and Harvest Delight.


With some occasional rain, to moisten all around;
Body, Mind, Air, and Ground.


A Perfect time for a ride through the woods;
To Relax, Explore, and Feel Good.
As you lose yourself to the
Sights, Sounds, and Smells;
And ascend from your body,
into a meditation spell.


Grey dreary light eventually fades into Night,
For a warm blanket by the fire and a fat mug of hot chocolate.


Oh Autumn, I shed you a small tear,
because it only happens once a year.


The Nobody

I’m tired of being ignored, like I’m some sort of ghost;

Walking right through me instead around, it’s getting old.


Life’s not fair, like a claw game machine;

But I live my life out, quiet and unseen.

I slip deeper and deeper into the abyss

Pressure increasing, til I implode, then I’m gone, that’s it.


Few will ever notice

Like a tree falling in the woods;




I love to learn, as my brain is a sponge

But the more I learn, the more I feel alone.

Am I losing my grip on reality?

Or is more of the puzzle taking shape?


It all fits together piece by piece

And all makes sense, though I feel uneasy.

For the more that’s pieced together, the more I fall apart.


I love knowledge, its what I crave;

I just feel it’ll send me to an early grave.


I Am

I am the cracking of the thunder reaching through the sky

The tart cranberry jam on your toasted piece of bread

And the hot chili pepper burning through your sinuses

Feeling like a fiery spiky spear

Held by the goblin defending the tower

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