Rendering, rendering, and more rendering. This week was just focused on rendering. Each image takes approximately 8 minutes. The ambient occlusion takes 30 minutes to render. I’m rendering in 1280×1024 HD. I spent many late hours in the lab creating render farms by spreading out the computing power across over 16 computers. I now only have a few more images to go before it’s fully finished. So far its looking really nice.


I came across a really strange bug. I was having extreme trouble rendering my rain particles. I created the rain and it looked beautiful in the viewport but when I clicked render, the rain would very rarely show up. The script editor said that it had skipped the object particle. I would change absolutely no setting and then all of sudden it would work. It made no sense because there was no consistency. After working at it for a few days and twelve hours of sleep, I figured out what was causing this obscure bug. Whenever you click render while the particle is selected, it will not render at all even if you deselect it until you start the entire simulation over from frame one. Why? I still don’t know but I found a fix.

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