Old Dock Modeling Finished

Old Dock Modeling Progress by Marc Zirin

This is a simple 3d project of an old dock with rickety shacks by the shore. I wanted to keep it simple but at the same time make it look real and full. In order to achieve this goal, I gave all the wooden planks a unique jagged edge and rotated them to make them look like they have seen some use.

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New Project: Old Dock


This next project is going to be an old dock with rickety shacks and waves crashing in against the shore. I have the base model finished with a good idea how the scene is going to look. The only things missing from the scene would be a ground, water, sky, and a few ornaments on the buildings. As I convert the models from blocky low-poly to rickety jagged edges, the scene will start to show it’s true age.

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