Sound Artist


Sound Artist

Sound stripped to the fundamental level are pressure wave changes from an object moving in some way. Then as that sound interacts with its environment, it travels through a medium eventually finding its way to the observer.

Sound is all around us. It can be structured and organized such as music or a spoken language. Or it can be an obscure noise from a strange object moving in a weird way. With the beauty of today’s technology, all aspects can be controlled and manipulated to harvest some of the most subtle occurrences.

I’ve been on a journey to find unique sounds. Instruments that aren’t common. Noises that are difficult to reproduce. I dove head first into handcrafting homemade instruments that make weird noises. Organic analog sound waves that can be modulated to indiscretion. It’s the little accents in music that give it its’ color.

When I first started composing, I went by the name JeFF ZaBorski but later changed it to Marc Zirin’s 4ZYT to be less confusing. People started to actually believe that there was a whole other person making this music. That can get messy when too many people think a ghost is real. Theres a movie about that.


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