Music Theory – Piano Chords #2

C Diminished 7th

Last time we learned about Building Chords.  The chords we learned were: Major, Minor, Augmented, & Diminished.  Hopefully you’ve been practicing these and have them down well now because the chords we’re going to learn today are the same chords, there’s just an extra note tacked onto the end of them. The extension note to these chords are called a 7th.  There are 5 common types of seventh chords: Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, Diminished 7th, & Half-Diminished 7th.  Seventh chords make any chord sound…

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Music Theory – Piano Chords #1


Now that we understand progressions and how they move based off the chart, we can build chords instead of single notes at each position. A chord is a combination of notes that harmonize together. When notes are played in certain combinations, they create more complex wavelengths. The interesting part about this, is that certain chords have the same wavelength of specific emotional vocal patterns. And when people display emotions, people subconsciously pick up on them and feel them. That’s just human psychology. If I were…

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